A nexus for collaborative
data innovation in
sustainable development

We co-create breakthrough data products and services that support global projects for public good.

Our work

D^2 (D-Squared) is a co-creation hub for advancing data innovation to address sustainable development challenges. We partner with public bodies and civil society to study and surface their unique needs, crafting people-centred data solutions that are purpose-built for realities on the ground.

Our approach

We foster a collaborative space where a diverse array of expertise from multiple sectors and varied backgrounds converge to rapidly prototype custom tools, processes and strategies. This participatory approach ensures that the solutions we develop are not only context-appropriate, but also highly effective and sustainable for the long term.

Our innovation tracks

AI and Data Science

Our Data Science and AI track is more than deciphering datasets. We craft solutions that streamline complexity and transform raw information into actionable intelligence. Our technology is designed to detect and interpret intricate requirements, particularly in areas such as sustainability, ESHS and legal compliance.

Data Use & Practices

Navigating data can be confusing and intimidating. With our Data Use & Practices track, we support organisations to establish clear roles, processes and technologies to ensure a useful, inclusive and secure data ecosystem for better decision-making.

GIS Mapping

Geospatial data holds immense value in its diverse applications. However, a key limitation lies in data availability. Our GIS work bridges data gaps with open-source tools and community mapping for cost-effective and inclusive planning.

Data Launch Pad Self-Assessment

Many in the public and sustainable development sectors face persistent challenges with data use and governance due to a lack of assigned roles, knowledge gaps and limited technical capacity. This leads to fragmented data ecosystems, ultimately hindering effective decisions, and reducing the impact of reform programmes.

Through our self-assessment tool, organisations can begin to identify these challenges and develop a roadmap for improvement. Start our free survey to see how we can support your team. 

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